BBC Announces Download Trial of Media Player

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The Guardian
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Much talked about in the past few weeks, the BBC have announced that 5,000 users will get the first go of the corporation's so-called interactive Media Player, or iMP beginning in September.

The corporation will move a step closer to delivering what it calls "iTunes for the broadcast industry" later this year, launching a public trial of iMP, which allows viewers to download any show from the previous week that they may have missed.

For me it will be great I won't have to put up with all the problems on Orb to watch my Brit TV on the move.

Using the iMP, households involved in the trial from around the UK will be able to search through more than 190 hours of TV shows, 310 radio programmes, regional programming and some feature films. After seven days, the content will be automatically deleted from their computer.

Ashley Highfield, the BBC's director of new media and technology, said: "iMP could just be the iTunes for the broadcast industry, enabling our audience to access our TV and radio programmes on their terms, any time, any place, any how.

The only thing the article doesn't tell you is where to sign up!!



Have you worked out how to get one yet ET?

Would I let you down, Nick?

Go here:

There is an email address in the last para before the notes to editors.

If you get and I don't - remember "we must share" "we must share"


you do have to be in the UK ...

I wonder if..

Just having contact details in the UK would be enough?

Although I am not always in the U.K. I use logmein to work on my machine in the UK all the time - That's where I sent my email from last night. I am also wondering whether it will work if you view it by ORB.

However, I do think that they will be serving the video's by IP delivery. They have changed recently where you cannot get the full news program if you are outside the UK. It pisses me off but I see their reasoning for it.


Damn, geo restricted :(

Thanks though et..

I suspect it's IP restricted as well

I know Brad was dissapointed that he couldn't access the Olympic coverage last year :)

I'd really like it - as what appears to be the only postcode in the UK which can't receive digital terrestrial at the moment and with normal reception so bad that we get french TV better than BBC2 I'm thinking it'd save us resorting to satellite (so if anyone from the BBC's reading this......)

BBC America abuses the viewer with ads..

I can see if this takes off then there could be a subscription model emerging.

John Birt who used to be DG of the BBC is now a 'top' advisor to Tory Bliar and he is behind the abusive ad model on BBC America.

For those of you who don't know, BBC America has even more ads than normal American cable channels. One night I timed it and it is 18 minutes in the hour are ads.

I just wish ITV would go down the same route. It would be great to get Coronation Street all the time.


While disappointed, I do think it is fair to limit free access to UK residents, after all it is those UK TV licenses that are paying for the BBC. I do however hope the BBC will come up with a paid version for the rest of the world, I'd be willing to pay to see the new Dr. Who (and even old vintage Dr. Who episodes on demand.)

If any of you guys trythis let us know how you like it.


BBC Press release and sign up details within here

TV Licences

I'd forgottern all about those. Always makes me feel a little less taxed living in canada, when I think of all the taxes you pay there. I can't imagine North Americans paying for tv licences.

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