NewsGator buys FeedDemon

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NewsGator Acquires FeedDemon -- And Programming Whiz Nick Bradbury:
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NewsGator are to aquire FeedDemon and of course Bradbury Software big job Nick Bradbury...

Staci has all the details and links...


Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke

He's a great guy Nick - good on him. So that's twice now then, the first time with Homesite and Macromedia and now with this.

I hope he stays working on TopStyle though, that is still the best editor on the market by a long way.


Ditto, Kino. I sure hope he hangs onto TS and continues development!

And FeedDemon, too

which has become our favorite, doing real heavy duty monitoring of the blogosphere.


Here's a link to Nick's post about it - including the fact that TS is indeed part of the deal *sigh* (nope, I can't say I'm thrilled - I don't care about FeedDemon OR Newsgator....)

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