New UK Engine Seekport Now Out of Beta

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Seekport which was previously mentioned here in beta back in December has now come out of beta.

The article says that they have cleaned up their act since then and and don't have a high rate of the spammy stuff previously mentioned.

Seekport differentiates itself from other search engines by backing its technology with a unique index team approach, that supplements its automated search capability with a local indexing team insuring the quality of its results.

Seekport has built-up its London-based quality team during its Beta testing phase, preparing and constantly refining its local search indexes to return search results that are distinguished by a lower rate of spam, aggressive shopping sites, aggregator pages, Internet auctions and unwanted pornographic or offensive material.

I had a little play with it and am not too impressed at all. However, they do have a kind of nifty tool called 'seekbot' which was "developed to help web masters check and adapt their web pages to ensure they are built to a good standard for search engines"


Good and bad advice from Seekbot

Seekbot is OK, but it's telling me to add

meta NAME="robots" CONTENT="index,follow"

to my site, which is crap advice, unless their spider doesn't understand it's own job.

Seen worse UK results

Good luck Seekport!

Tried about 20 random uk specific queries and most were not bad results. One very questionable number one but nice to see another UK lot going for it.


They need to work on it

Seems like they weight heavily KW in the domain.

So if you are a branded company you may as well give up.


Yeah I noticed the domain thing. You reckon Mirago is better then?

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