Adsense Isn't Flattered by Imitation

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Adsense Isn't Flattered by Imitation
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Jensense provides an excellent roundup on some changes to Adsense policies. Here's one you may want to take note of:

It seems that AdSense is now not allowing any ads that mimic AdSense to appear on any pages within the entire site - including those pages that are not even running AdSense. There are many publishers who run AdSense, then run their own text ads in an identical format, which would now clearly be against the terms, even if they are on different sections of the same site.

This could also mean that those running non-contextual ad networks could also be in violation if some of those ad networks run ads that appear to mimic AdSense ads (as many advertisers are doing these days), even if they are on completely different pages. This could result in publishers opting out of networks or campaigns if these types of ads could not be removed from the rotation.

Why can I picture a team of Googlers surrounded by lava lamps and sitting in bean bag chairs saying something like "Ok anyone have any more ideas what else we can do to make web publishers mad at us?"


just wait...

til the other biggies (yahoo/MSN) come out with their alternatives and get into the game.

competition is *good* for us and keeps 'them' on their toes.

i mean, it took msoft starting to lose marketshare to firefox before they decided to update IE and add tabs and all the other stuff.

not to take this too far OT, but i have to wonder where firefox will be when IE7 finally launches...

from the future:

"heh. you're still using tabbed browsing? that's so 2k4!" ;)

This is why I am cheering Y! and MSN on

It's our real estate, what we put on non-adsense pages should be up to us shirley?

I love my ickle adsense cheques but I would love even more Y! and MSN to give them a good kicking in the competition stakes, the jolly G Giant is getting a bit too lopsided in their dealings with publishing and webmaster "partners".

I wouldn't bet on MSN or Y

Been nearly 2 years since we have had AdSense, and still no sign of anything from these two.

Google gets around $4 billion a year from ads (OK it is split between Adsense and serps).

If it easily copyable, one assumes it would have been done by now

one could argue

that there are only so many ways to present a text ad on a page - "appear to mimic adsense ads" would be an interesting court case, and now we have adsense banners that's only going to make the context broader.

good poitn Gurtie

As I type this I see a Google adsense banner on threadwatch - given the broad sweeping language Google are using any other banner on a page would be in breach.
I don't think this is what G means but still...

I would think...

That Yahoo will probably be announcing very very soon their version of adsense.

Yahoo's Contextual Ads...

They will be launching their own service.....

and someone told me

they had an interview for a job in the contextual ad department of MSN.

I think the question is 'when?' not 'if?'

We know Y! and MSN will tackle G head on.


MSN has to launch their own paid search 1st...which is in the works...but probably won't be available until the end of the year. I believe their agreement with Overture/Yahoo runs thru Feb. 2006.

Kinda funny to see "Yahoo! Search Marketing" results on MSN search results.

Go her to register at MSN to keep informed on their paid search product(s):

"when, not if" ??????

Sheesh, its been 2 years already, half a lifetime on the web!


I can't say such changes will affect my own sites, so far as I can tell, so I'm happy to stay well within the AdSense guidelines.

However, it would be nice for Yahoo! and MSN help provide choice - though if their prior half-hearted attempts at search are anything to go by, Google is still going to be dominanting contextual ads for some time to come.


Not sure about MSN, as in recent years their products have been slow to launch and not nearly as strong as others in their market. MSN is spending a lot of time on their paid search product (but they have spent a long time working on a new OS and browser too). I believe their paid search product will offer lots of demographic targeting abilities.

As for Yahoo!, their Overture product is strong, and I expect their "AdSense" comparable product will be good for site publishers.

Unlike Google, they may even tell publishers in detail, the revenue generated from each click by providing click costs and percentage earned! :)

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