Preparing for the Death of the Link Based Algorithm

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Personalized Search and Trustrank - Death to Link Based Algorithms
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Stuntdubl posts about personalized Search and the death of the link based algo as something SEO's should be actively preparing for now.

Personalized search is the nail in the coffin that every SEO should be dreading. Good SEO’s will roll with the punches, but it is certainly going to change the way we play the game. Have the fear of the Florida Update part II in you. Personalized search is the solution to the flaws in pagerank and link popularity that we have all been manipulating for so long. If you are an SEO, I really hope you see it coming. If you are focusing ONLY on link development and gaining business from top search engine listings, I urge you to diversify you methodology (at least include some PPC campaigns to hedge your bets and collect data). There has been a cottage industry that has risen from the potential spoils of a successful SEO campaign. A small company ranking atop the SERPS for a highly searched, highly relevant phrase can make that business successful. Some stumbled across that fact (many then turned into “SEO’s”), and some got there from a lot of hard work and diligence on performing what was important to an SEO campaign. An update Florida can destroy a business solely dependant on sales resulting from search engine rankings. Focus on customer retention and diverse traffic and lead acquisition.

There's much more to the post, so give it a read. If you put this together with Jim's thoughts on the changing complexity of SEO you'd be forgiven for thinking that a major culling of the weak is imminent in Search marketing.

Good job too i reckon...


sounds more like an opportunity to me

Not being able to check my sites rankings with any real certainty will be a pain.
I've been thinking about all sorts of solutions to get around this but if trust rank considers IP, browser, location, ISP, cookies, PC/Mac, time of day etc. the best I can hope for is a rough guide with a fresh PC through an ISP in the region I'm targeting.

But something like this is not scary to the 'real' SEOs, the Guys/Gals who have been doing this for long enough to remember the 'good old days'.
We've grown up and changed just like the engines. With new algorithms come new seo techniques.

So instead of all these 'link brokering' websites we'll see 'time brokering' websites.

Sites selling 1x1 iframe spots per unique visitor and length of stay on a particular topic.


An update Florida can destroy a business solely dependant on sales resulting from search engine rankings.

Yep, and those updates turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to some companies who were solely focused on rankings. My sister's business site was hurt for her main keyword phrase in one of those updates that happened soon after florida. She had been able to rely on her high rankings for so long, she had gotten lazy with her other marketing.

In the year that she was delisted for that phrase, she returned to her roots and got into some traditional marketing and PR campaigns. Yes, she had to pay a lot for much of it, but she was able to still make a great return on investment.

Her site finally came back from the dead when G did that last sandbox release (we never did figure out why it died). She's continuing with her marketing and PR, and now also has the search traffic that was missing before. Plus, she's a happy camper! (She still hates Google though ;)

not really ...

too bad Todds comments on the site are down ... I wonder why ;->

I would say that for a black hat SEO this move will be great, the links game just hurts too many people (link spam on diffrent forums, and probebly this is why todd took his comments down), the real black hat understand that for the survival of their biz, they do not need to irritate too many people, (just do it by getting the 1st spot and irritate you competitors) so as I see it, this move will open new opertuneties for "emulating" users activities, we have seen with the alexa results manipulation wayback that is is SO easy to do and no one gets hurt ....

most blackhats will stay the same , very few will convert to white hat, once you tasted the feeling (and $$$) of being #1 on all SEs on most of the REAL competative keywords, you will NEVER revert.

Blackhats sees it as an evoloving game and most guys (and gals) I know that practice this, are in for the "game" ( and the flashing IM from all of their friends and competitors saying "how the hell did you do that ?" ), so the 1st part of the ariticle is importent but the conclusion is not "go back and build a great site", it is better to go back, figure out what the new game rules are, find way to bypass them and cloack redirect all of your traffic directly to the vendor site (which will ALWAYS create a site who converts better then you).

just my 2c


too bad Todds comments on the site are down ... I wonder why ;->

What comments on what site?


Quiet BP, you have said too much :) I welcome this change. This is great for expert SEOs and will help weed out amatuer SEOs.

Cull the heard

Definitely will clear out the riff-raff goodroi ;) As margins slim, the competition will get tougher and the demand for accurate knowledge will increase. As gerbot said...definitely potential new opportunities to be had.

I've been pondering how the seo occupations will shift quite a bit lately, and the areas of expertise they will evolve into. SEO has taken on a pretty broad connotation that includes everything from blackhat affiliate spammers to public relations folks who use anchor text. In my mind it just evolved as a cool catchphrase. Pinning down the substance of an SEO and what they do is a whole different matter. SEO is a catchphrase that people interepret in a lot of different ways now. We all think it is fun and cool. Folks who have been burned by meta-tag optimization and SE submissions think SEO's are crooks. I don't think our fun phrase is goin' away anytime soon, but it's definitely changin' as it has for years already. Roll with the punches and don't spend time bitchin' on forums :)

I think the good consultants in the future will be able to weigh the benefits of other marketing methods as Jill mentioned, and find the right mix of all of them.

The good blackhats will get better at emulating AI and using the new rules to their advantage.

I'll probably just keep commenting on how things will change for everybody :)

Yeah, I definitely suck as a programmer. My wordpress installation is foobar and I am a procrastinator. Hoping to get them back up someday.


No need to get rid of those old home PC's, use them to run an army of click bots simulating users through rotating proxies. AOL and IE with the toolbar may even become useful again. Bring your laptop and run your clickbot from Starbucks, McDonalds, the library or some other public places once a week. It will probably be even cheaper to farm out clicking programs than it is for link development.

is yahoo using it already ...

can it be that the HUGE diffrence in the SERPs in yahoo regional sites like ,, etc. when you are doing a "all www" search is driven by this ...
or is it something else ..

I liked the Florida Update

It was very good to me. Someone has gotta lose and someone is gonna win.

I hope for another Florida type update soon.

Psst... I don't think the link based algo is going anywhere soon.

It will probably be even cheaper to farm out clicking programs

And another outsourcing industry will be born: global click farm networks with hundreds, even thousands of boxes (yeah, static IPs, who cares?), "rent by click" (RBC - you read it here first, heh!) SEO, similar to the good old days of DirectHit ...


I'm actually quite surprised the 'link system' of SEO has lasted as long as it has. What's it been? A 5 year run?

It's a Goo fad

Nothing but an overblown citation index, erroneously applied to an ever more commercialized Web. Logically flawed from its very inception.

So much for "innovation" driven by tunnel visioned, information theory and abstract mathematics driven geeks without a whiff of a social and human behavioral studies let alone psychology background ...

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