Whitehat / Blackhat Yet Again!

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High Ranking Newsletter Article Discussed
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"Neither one is necessarily right or wrong -- just different."

A very good thread and will be to some an eye opener re: Jill's stance to the dark side.

Original article is here http://www.highrankings.com/issue119.htm


It's a Cracker!

Great thread, and i take my grey hat off to Jill for being bold enough to write somthing like that. First class.

The thread just started to take a little nosedive with one of the members "virtually" screaming and shouting at me but that's all par for the course.

I may respond if he shows signs of calming down lol...


The search engines will be assigning value to sites based on user interaction and community factors. Techniques, in terms of code, will have little or no bearing on your ranking, and rankings will differ depending on personalisation factors on the client side.

The future lies in publishing content that people read. The past lies in code tweaking.

Peter Davanzo

Ammon Johns

Ammon Johns on BH/WH - very eloquently put i think. I just cant see how the extreme right wingers could argue against that kind of logic and not look silly. We will see...

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