Google Launches Portal, Finally

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Google Launches "My Google" Style Feature
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We've been talking about Google as a portal (and it is, it's just in stealth mode...) for some time, as more and more standard portal features are added to the cornerstones of email, news and other older Google services. Now Danny reveals that GOOG are finally to launch an integrated page for all these services just like, my.msn and my.jeeves....

The page will appear under Google labs later today.

So, Google finally comes out of the closet...

Long gone are the days when Google focused almost entirely on Search, but with todays coming launch at least they're finally admitting that they just want to be like all the other kids...

Maybe when GOOG becomes a teenager it'll have the courage to find it's own path, maybe they all will. Im so dreadfully, dreadfully bored with the big 3½ playing one upmanship. The end result is that they're all just the same and it's a question of established habbits, that drive you to type one url or another....




I'll bet is was some wall street marketing twit that made this decision.

Hey Larry and Sergei, whats up with you guys? I remember a little speach, not too long ago, about how portals were the history of the web and clean focused search was king...


Here's a whole lot of presentation slides - some Googlers 'n cartoons 'n stuff.. some info as well (html format)

...uhm... forgot what it was i was going to write here...


Added: I remembered: Google's not a portal, they're an advertising agency.

Yecch, Claus

that page is enough to make you puke all over the keyboard ...

Machine translation ... ROFLMAO!


- don't shoot the messenger, i didn't make those graphics.

It's certainly not your average "corporate" presentation slides, but they're very "googly"... all kinds of fun stuff, cute graphics, and no real information

- okay, I suppose that a quality engineer being obsessed with socks does qualify as "information" after all..

Perhaps you should watch the webcast as well - here you will eg. see a real live person (Marissa Mayer) demo the new "portal" - under the headline "fusion products". In fact, the word "products" was used agreat deal more by the various speakers than i'd thought it would be.

And there are some impressive Keyhole (uhm... the product now known as "Google Earth") previews, and Eric Schmidt talking, and people asking questions and Eric and Sergey talking some more

on second thought

the readership here probably know too much already to get any benefit from such presentations. I think they're mostly for the clueless... journalists, investors and such...

I had a real Douglas Adams moment when Marissa Mayer was on stage to show the audience how to drag-and-drop... talk about "brain the size of a galaxy and they tell me to open a door" - what a waste of fine brain power.

Looks crap to me

Google are really bring out some great products these days.

Also on this page I am getting adsense saying:

'Do You Love Google?
Download the Free Google Toolbar - Search the Web, Block Popups & More'

Think I might have to turn the ads off Nick.


i'm not too impressed with their 'personalization' ... yet.

really, all you can do it turn a few switches on and off. i want to be able to add rss feeds and ... well ... personalize it more. you can't even move the items around from what i see.

it's almost as lame as the google news personalization a while back.

i think (hope) they're just testing the water with their toes, though. knowing google they're probably (hopefully) holding back on 'real personalization'...

edit to add: this wording from them gave me a chuckle...

My Search History Deleted.

My Search History has been removed from your account.

i'm confused! whose was erased??!! ;)

No longer 80-20

One of the things I think went kind of unnoticed today was the new break in percentages. We're all familiar with the old 80-20 split, but one of the presentation slides (that circular 'target' type thingy), showed the new emphasis and the CNET article referred to in the Do No Evil thread breaks it out:

10% Wild, new ideas
20% Related, secondary businesses
70% Core businesses: Search and Advertising

So, today we have two very, very big admissions: 1) Google is--or is aspring to be--a portal; and 2) advertising is part of its core business. Not very big news to us, but I think (finally), a huge step in G vocalizing as to what kind of company it actually is.


>>Reaches out to webmasters to educate on best practices

Not here he fucking doesn't...

if someone finds

the presentation broken down into watchable chunks that would be great. Last night I couldn't get it working, this morning the pause button doesn't work and I can't sit through 4 hours in one go, even on a wet Friday

Other Takes

Fantomaster: Google MyCopyCat

So Google’s launched their “personalized homepage” feature, studiously avoiding the term “portal” and christening it Fusion.

Which doesn’t seem to help one bit, however, because only an hour or two into the event everybody’s started to call it MyGoogle anyway (a pervasive trend which, of course, had been somewhat longer in coming), conveying the impression that the world’s purportedly most innovative company has turned into yet another hopeless Johnny Come Lately – pace Crayon and MyExcite and MyYahoo! and My MSN and …

Charlene Li: Google announces "My Google"

k, it’s not really called My Google, but a confused name called “Fusion”, but I think you get the idea

Jeremy Zawodny: Imitation and the Slippery Slope of Portaldom: My Google Read all of this post, it's great...

"Google is not a portal!" they cry.

"Google is different..." we're told.

But a funny thing happened today. Not only are they inching ever more down the slippery slope to portaldom, they've decided that we at Yahoo have really been on the right track all along!

How do I know this? None other than Marissa herself said so in describing their new customizable home page.

There's a radical idea! A customized home page with a search box at the top. Innovative! Whoever thought of the product is a world-class genius! What next, an IM client? Web hosting? A Calendar?

Search Day: Google Launches Personalized Home Page

The new personalized home page service will no doubt make many people scream "Portal!" That's because despite the name, it is essentially a "My Google" feature, similar to the My Yahoo, My MSN and other My Whatever pages that portals created so their users could access the many features they offer.

Well, Google's already been a stealth portal as I've called it for some time, offering standard portal features such as email, search and the home pages of today, blogs. The new personalized home page is merely a visible acknowledgement of this.



I'm not wetting my pants over this yet. I don't even get the weather over here.

Make an effort Google! MyYahoo has been my homepage for some time and by the look of it it will be for some time to come : ]

Pretty weak

Not a whole lot to choose from their on the personalized side. Perhaps I'm overly critical, but it seems like it would take a lot more "fusion" to make this something worthwhile to use. I do like the word of the day though.

looks half arsed

If you are going portal you need to load it up, the minimalist attempt is simply not appropriate. I also saw reference (a link) to google "classic"., between the google "mini" and now "classic" I see someone is spending their 20% ripping Apple. They may be good at crawlers but fall down hard on original thinking.

They Put A Toe In The Water

And I think they found the water is cold. Maybe not, people at WMW seem to like the cludgy looking dashboard thing. I just didn't see anything to ooh or ahh over. Ho hum came to mind.

I know, I know, 6 months from now, that dashboard will have Adwords on it. Toss in "What's Hot" and a top ten booklist, and they'll have become a replica of the the companies they were dominating in the search field. I'm not overly impressed with the GooP. Goo Personalization.


>> you can't even move the items around from what i see.

On the webcast you could - it was simply drag and drop. Also, RSS support is coming (was said on the webcast).

I don't recall the webcast as being 4 hours. As I recall, it does not follow the outline/agenda on the page I linked to. So, it's somewhat shorter than that, perhaps one-two hours or so (but i didn't watch the clock, so perhaps i'm wrong)


at WMW are probably attached to feet at the plex. Half the posts there are simply touts. This thing has a face only a mother (or PR dept.) could love.


ok - this is definately not a Yahoo clone - and we know this because Marissa

who worked closely with the team that developed the home page, said she hasn't visited My Yahoo in years

Not even popped by? Just to have a look? So strange.


Even the best horses wear blinkers from time to time : ]

Or was that YOUR Marissa? heh

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