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Lost Clicks Click Fraud Site Launched
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Aaron spots the website launch, where victims of Click Fraud can meet, and share information about click fraud...

What we'd like is for to become an electronic meeting place for advertisers and individuals who are concerned about pay-per- click (PPC) fraud," says attorney Joel Fineberg of Dallas, who represents online advertisers in the class action lawsuit. "It's very important that all of us share information because we're dealing with a new technology and a new challenge. The more people who visit the site, the more knowledge we can all gain

As Aaron says, it's a shame about the site, looks like a chimpanzee made it...



You gotta love that FAQ page.

The only people that are likely to make any money out of this baby are the legal people and those that make software that monitors for this sort of stuff. If ever there was an "emperors new clothes" of online marketing then this is it. The figures you see bandied about....... with no proof on how those figures came into being and in which sector and what format the campaign was in.

If you turn on content network, use broad match etc. then the figures will be much higher. Show me a pile of chocolate wrappers and I'll show you a fat person with bad teeth!

Sure it goes on, but steps can be taken to reduce/eliminate it. Rather than trying to get money back, advertisers should learn how to spend it wisely in the first place, or not do it.

The onus is likely to be on proving the clicks that show in logs are the clicks that have been charged for, which is impossible. We see plenty of instances where IP's come frequently and click often but usually you can't tie them up on the traffic report and validate they have not been charged for. You can do best guessing.

Isn't it ironic that the first sign that there was something amiss on an advertiser spending $20,000 was him receiving a $70 refund. If Yahoo had pocketed the money they would have been none the wiser. No mention is made of how much profit being an early adpoter an advertiser makes, but if the cost of acquiring business is increasing why is that such a surprise?

Poor campaign management is much more of a "fraud", and usually the perpetrators are innocently oblivious to their actions. You know the sort - I'll set my bid price at £2.00 and elminate the competition and then you get someone using a "feature" of most approved software solutions in "jamming" the advertiser in place. Everyone loses out in that scenario, but it's likely that everyone is to blame in some way.

Advertiser A for being naive and bidding £2.00 when bidding 20p would have done.
Advertiser B for jamming them at £2.00 by bidding £1.99 when really they only pay 20p
Approved software manufacturer for promoting this "jamming" as a feature of the product (and plenty of them do it)
Service provider for not remvoing software manufacturers license due to "features" incompatible with the ethics of PPC

Bottom line is people pay for the delivery of visitors, how relevant those visitors are is not a decision the marketmakers can decide on. Write bad ads - get poor visitors - not relevant. Write good ads - get more relevant visitors - there will always be those that expected something other than you offer, or your site sucks, or your site is slow, or your site is down.

Nobody likes to feel like they have been had, but it happens.

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