Heaven spare us all....

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Read the first couple of paragraphs of this drivel. Sheesh...

Hint: It's the bit about SEO

cheers conor!



I'm not commenting on the above article, but in general I read so many forum threads now that are just so much horseshit. The latest fad seems to be to dismiss any SEO as evil and laud the merits of design and/or user experience.


I've been reading a lot about that also, but what puzzles me is why people don't see that you can easily have both....



I think we're seeing print-world experience being (poorly) shoe-horned into websites as many chase their old clients along their migratory path, particulary in the area of graphics.

As for 'user experience,' this over-emphasis probably comes from some idealistic belief that their users aren't as dumb as rocks.


What does the future hold for the SEO Wars? Tune in next time and find out.

When he gets a clue that he's talking about Search Engine wars.

It's writing like this that truly makes Web Pro News an "authority" site.

Not sure why two folks I like and respect are even discussing this article as if it has any merit--there is none there. Why don't we give Stith's article what it's due and just shitbag it.


I thought the piece had real meat to it ;)

don't most all seo / search engine related articles have close to zero value to everyone except the person writing them?


Where's the article? I thought this was a "snippet".

Hook, Line and Sinker

I really should get out of the house more.


>should get out of the house more

Yeah, a little testy, Jim. You need to learn to be patient and mindful of others like, ummmm, ME. (hhh)

Seriously, the thread was a good place for me to voice a concern/rant that's been building for months now. I'm seeing more than a few forums which I used to like and frequent turn into great steaming piles of drivel. (For the record, no, I don't think wmw has decayed quite as fast as some smaller ones)

Point taken

Now, for the embarassing bit.

I just happened to run across your post today, Bob. Haven't looked at this thread since I last posted in it because, well, you can see the results of being in the throes of a 100+ fever and the tossing and turning nightmares that come with it.

So, lessons learned:

  1. Don't post when your temp is above 100 degrees F.
  2. If you happened to be troubled by that first feverish post (a bit strong) and have some fever-induced thoughts about it the next morning DO NOT turn a computer on, DO NOT post anything, anywhere.
  3. If, in your feverish state, you confuse the photo of Mr. Stith with a Sith (whatever the heck they might look like, haven't as yet caught the flick -- but judging by the mug on Stith I think I can why I was confused), and reread the absolute absurdity of the column, DO NOT then assume, as I did, that Nick and RC cooked something up and you happen to fall into it. Not that the two of them would ever do anything like that, but that's where my "hook, line and sinker" comment stemmed from, posted with eyes absolutely wide shut.

That was a rough couple of days in a daze. I have gotten out of the house since then (Wow, it's springtime out there) and Bob, I will take your advice to be more patient like, errrm, yourself :)


>RC cooked something up

MOI? (ala Miss Piggy). I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! How dare you insinuate that I might conspire to orchestrate a thread. (A whole forum, maybe, but not a thread. Well, OK, not this thread, anyway.)

Since we're camping out online while everyone else has gone to Stansted, what do you (any anyone else out there) think about my 'drivel' comment? True? False? Maybe? Really, some forums that used to provide steady reading fodder have just plain gone to crap, imHo.


I seem to read a lot more blogs than forums nowadays.

Oh, It's drivel all right.

I can't believe this guy gets paid for quoting some googlite.
Not even an intro or summary paragraph...

>>some forums that used to provide steady reading fodder have just plain gone to crap, imHo.

I could not agree more.

I no longer post at any forum (only here - lucky you Nick ;-).

After being edited so heavily some of my posts did not make any sense, to being treated like a child by some forum admins and the attacks by wacko white hat trolls, I stay away from the forums...

Too bad too, SEO forums used to be "The place to be" if you wanted info on SEO.

I used to like helping out newbes on the SEO forums, but I won't even do that any more.


>>drival ... I said drival, son. Look at me when I'm talking to you.

I have to admit I don't make the rounds of all the forums like I used to. I honestly think there is less to talk about. I don't care much about newest Google algos anymore and there seems to be so few viable players in the search game anymore once you get passed the big 3 it just seems sort of boring. Very few threads really make me _think_ anymore or really look at the Big Picture.

Yeah that article was drivel.

a few forums which I used to like..

...to frequent turn into great steaming piles of drivel.

Is that not because way back (like the good old days 2 or 3 years ago) many of us were trying to learn in a world that was not too troubled by real money.

Today, we either know it and are not telling...or are churning out mindless drivel on forums (like this offering of mine, or indeed yours :-) )


>>we either know it and are not telling

I think that is a large part of it. Also a lot of the talent has now been diluted over many forums where in the old days there were only one or two SEO forums (depending on which one you got run out of.)


(like the good old days 2 or 3 years ago) many of us were trying to learn in a world that was not too troubled by real money.

I am still not troubled by "real money".

I think it works like this (at least it has for me)... Do what you like, do it the best you are able too and the money will come...

Do what you like, do it the best you are able too and the money

Can't afford to do what I like, always do the best I can, no sign of any money ;OP

no more free content

I used to like helping out newbes on the SEO forums, but I won't even do that any more.


No point in providing free content to monetise a site for an owner who is so controlling as to lock out users for the heinous crime of formatting posts with linefeeds in order to make the lines short enough to be easy to read in his full width design. BTW, a new discussion has started on that site citing a good design rule as being 12-18 words per line of text. Which is about where I would line break. Hmm...

I once pointed out, in private, to said owner that the effect of turning off knowledgeable users would be a decrease in a willingness to contribute useful commentary. This would leave the site with an ever increasing number of new members looking for advice that would not be forthcoming. A sure path to the death of a forum.

He now takes a much more active role in pushing old posts on the home page as "classics" and taking the lead in trying to encourage new discussions by posting a lead story.

Guess I might have not been the only one who did not appreciate being whacked on the wrist for alleged violations of invisible provisions of the tos.

"the heinous crime of formatting posts with linefeeds"


He gave me a warning for that too. Odd what site owners think is important, or unimportant

and this was another crime I was warned for

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