First Look: Xbox 360 User Interface

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Xbox 360 screenshots...
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Behind closed doors on Thursday, Microsoft demonstrated to BetaNews the user interface on its Xbox 360. The Dashboard, which can be customized using themes, offers access to four main panels: System, Games, Media and Xbox Live.

System contains standard configuration options for the Xbox 360, including linking up with network devices and setting parental controls.

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Only thing that interested me was the references to Perfect Dark Zero. Seems like I've been waiting on that title forever. And now I'll need to buy a new console to play it as it is coming out for Xbox 360 and not the Xbox as planned.

Oh well, Perfect Dark is the best FPS I've ever played. Hope the new version lives up to the original Rare offering.

hmmm...perfect dark eh?

I'm still stuck on Halo 2. I'll have to check out PD asap, although I really only have time for one game :)

Anyway, I could be wrong but I think MS is going in the right direction with the 360. The PS3 sounds really great too, but there's so much more to the 360 and IMO Xbox Live is very close to a killer app in the console world.

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