Sith Leaks to Torrent Community

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EP3 leaked to fileshare
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Oooh, that was quick. Having been released worldwide yesterday, Episode III has already made it's way onto fileshare networks. At least two copies of the film, which was first shown in theaters in the early hours of Thursday, have been posted to the BitTorrent file-sharing network.

One popular tracker Web site showed more than 16,000 people currently downloading the film via BitTorrent.



Anyone has a link, post of pm me :)

Genius title?

What happened to my Yoda inspired title? too long?


Yeah, i have a very stupid way of judging titles - if it breaks to 2 lines on MY screen, on the homepage, i shorten it :)

I have my fonts whacked up high aswell heh..

Thing is...

A film like this just *has* to be seen on the big screen.

Let me repeat that, just HAS to be seen on the big screen.

Sure, DVD - on A good Telly with surround sound and all that jazz will come a very close second, but a badly recorded pirate.. why oh why anyone would wanna spoil the experience with a bit of blurry muffle shake?

BTW its on the limewire network too.

Sith Disappointing

I didn't think it was that great. Kind of disjointed. Although I did like the results of Anakin and Obi-Wan's battle :)



uhm... is it now I should mention peer guardian?


I use command line python scripts, leaves very little mem footprints and provides all the functionality one needs...


saw a review yesterday: "Somewhere between awe and awful."

basically it's reported to be deep on effects and shallow otherwise

>peer guardian

thanks claus. duly noted.


- and IP blocking too? there are a few IPs that i don't like to connect to, regardless if they have the download or not...

Update: I'm going to the cinema to see it now, so nevermind about the IPs *lol*


I'm glad I didn't spend days downloading it. Nice movie and nice effects and all, but somehow it just seemed like there was too much that just had to be in the movie... not really as in "predictable" although to some extent it was, but more like "stuffed". And yet, I perfectly agree on "rich in effects and shallow otherwise"...

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