Dinner, Next Friday, Stansted - Who's In?

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For those attending the SEO Pub Meet next weekend in Stansted, and particularly those that will be there Friday evening, how about dinner?

Need suggestions for where, looking for someone to find us somewhere nice (no chav shops, must be family friendly) to sit down to dinner that we can book for a group at this short notice....

Help Wanted! :)

And if you're up for it, please say so here, or in pm/email as we'll have to give an accruate number count ok?



Traditional english food(!) and I won't get all whingy about the vegetarian option :)

Stansted; curry


I thought it was Curry and Chips.

Lorry and I..

Arrive on Friday AM from NY. Both love Curry.


Personally i prefer italian, or Thai - but i can work with curry given enough liquid encouragement...

(when i say italian, i dont' wanna see no soddin' spagetti on the menu...)


Thai is good

except I don't know Essex so that might not be closest.

Would love to

But just saturday night will leave me cash-strapped so unless someone is offering to pay I guess see you saturday ;O)

someone is offering to pay

OK, but don't take the piss.


I hope you'll all be in the hotel bar after the curry - I don't arrive at Stansted until 22.00.


I'm up for an Italian, Chinese or Thai meal rather than a Curry House

If mick g's going

I'm up for it :o)

Nick, Mick and Mark...

bummer, but Torben and me are not in until Saturday. Save some will ya? :)


anything which doesn't involve a steakhouse to be honest :) It's not that I mind the meat on someone elses plate just I'm not so keen on spinach lasagne again.

doesn't involve a steakhouse

Is that including a medium to well done steak covered with peppercorn sauce and served with fries and a selection of fresh vegetables followed by tiramisu and a cappuccino coffee with a few mint chocolates on a side plate and when you have paid the bill you can pinch a handful of mints from the desk.

Is that what you mean Gurtie??

Whoops nearly forgot the main ingredient, all of the above being washed down with a few bottles of your favorite alcoholic drink


>i dont' wanna see no soddin' spagetti

yummie. skettie !!! :)

>spinach lasagne

I tried that sober once. Never again.

I'm not in till Saturday Morning

But no doubt there'll be things going on Saturday and Sunday.


I thought Indian was officially Britain's favourite food? Not very family friendly though :)

I can speak for Maxd too. We will be in town on Fri and we'll need to eat, so anything is good. If you're counting votes, I like Thai.


Indian...Thai...Chinese...whatever, I'm not fussy.

Count me in. No doubt Jason will be able to suggest a suitable (non Chav) venue as he is most local

I don't want to make a decision either

So wherever you are going I'll come


Dinner sounds great, count me in.

Well I have made a decision

I am going to have a chinese banquet at approx 8pm who would care to join me



I'll join ya

Should be there at about 7:00PM on Friday.


sounds good

Nick, Ivana, Eurotrash, Lorry, NFFC, MickG, Serious, UK Gimp, Sly Old Dog, Maxd, Keir, DougS, J Savvy, Ian C, Aaron and me makes 16, so shall we (meaning Mick :) ) just book a table for 20 if they can do it and hope I didn't miss anyone?

eurotras & Lorry


Sorry, late as usual.

I'll eat anything.

Count me in please!

Ill be there! Can I come :)

Yes please Gurtie

I take it you are going to book the table, if not please let me know

all booked

OK I've booked the table for 8pm at Mings.

I've booked for a minimum 19 (as above) with an option for up to 25 but I need to confirm back with exact numbers tomorrow evening - so either sign up now or you aren't coming :)

Also (and VERY IMPORTANT since the deposit's on my card) if you're listed above and decide not to come, or forgot to mention your bringing someone, or only eat wheat free or whatever please let me know in the next 24 hours.

Anyone who mucks it up will feel the Wrath of Gurtie (TM) (and that's really nasty :) )

Nick I didn't actually do anything special for Robyn, do you need a highchair or pramspace or what?


Thank you Gurtie for sorting that out, looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday :)

yep me and jenstar

oops ment to post earlier.. :)


Thanks Gurtie!

Thanks mick and gurtie for getting decision made! Great stuff :)

There are actually 4 or 5 kids coming i think, robyn, jason? (did he sign in for this yet?), brendon (talltroll, little one is theo), and one or two more i simply cant remember right now, sorry..

So, we dont need anything special, but if you do, post within the next 24hrs please..

Thanks again gurtie!


>> brendon (talltroll, little one is theo),

Actually, it will be me, Chantelle and Theo. Theo can have his own seat and not take up room

just a quick bump

to catch the Americans as they wake up.

We're up to 23, plus a couple of littl'uns, but with some people notably missing - Jason are you there Friday night since it sounds like there's enough of your lot to matter if we accidently miss you off? Also a couple of people who said they booked the hotel Friday aren't in this thread and might want to be?

If you don't say today then you may have to sit on Aarons lap.....

sit on Aarons lap

and speak about the first thing that pops up.

last call for restaurant seats

thread closing in half an hour.


Oops, forgot to reply. Ah, well - I'm sure I'll see someone around on Friday night. If not, I'll just do some work. :)


lucky we booked an extra couple of places then isn't it ;)

Of course the people who sign up late pay for the first round....


hopefully can squeeze me in too


Btw - No "Revenge of the Sith" night? :)

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