SBC & Bellsouth Acquire - Local Search Heats Up

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SBC & Bellsouth Acquire - Local Search Heats Up
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According to Zdnet, SBC & Bellsouth communications just acquired With Google just recently acquiring mapping technology, Yahoo! just launching Local, we have many players positioning (and repositioning) themselves to take advantage as old school, traditional local advertising dollars move online.

Dunno about you guys, but my hard copy yellow pages collects dust - I just use a local search provider. What do you guys use?


The view from this side of the pond....

Local search is a dead duck ish.

Even in the UK, by all accounts one of the biggest online markets, local is relative.

As an example from "slightly smaller than Oregon". Plus there will be more people at my house for Bonfire night tomorrow than live in the whole of Denmark [almost].

I think local will turn out to be a US specific thing, not that it makes it any less important to you but it does for me.

Having said that...the ISP that gives all its users a fixed IP and uses their demographics could be sitting on a gold mine. As an example try these two searches, which one would you bid high for and which one low?

Yellow pages

In denmark, search is rather dated compared to the US/UK - if i want to find a local company, the last place I'd look is online. If the company does have a website, 10-1 says its either all flash, making it completely useless to SE's or all stuck in frames with no SE friendly consideration at all.

It's useless. I've been told that there are 4-5 new SEM shops opened up over the last year though so have high hopes that this might at some point change...

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