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I had the pleasure of speaking to Mikkel deMib Svendsen, the interim leader of SMA-EU a couple of days ago..

SMA, the Search Marketing Association currently have ad-hoc setups in both the UK and EU (Denmark) and are, one would fervently hope, a viable alternative to the kids playing office.

We talked on such subjects as:

  • Corporate cloaking
  • SES in Stockholm
  • SMA UK & EU
  • and how it's a funny old game....

He told me that the signups at SES Stockholm were good, and that interest seems high. Also that the elitist sempo were rather quiet - well, nothing new there eh? They've been insultingly quite for over a year now.

Some Thoughts on SEMPO and their Failure
I think you can condense sempo's failure down into a few very simple, key points:

  • They do not communicate
  • They are too busy arse kissing SE reps to care about much else
  • Rumour has it they have a "going to the bathroom" committee

I for one, feel that they show complete contempt for the entire seo/sem industry by both their inaction and elitism. They clearly dont feel the need or see the beneift in stooping to the level their peasents and communicating with them publically, and the only news you ever seem to hear from them is about some dumbarsed committee or another. SE Reps on an SEO Committee? The mind boggles, what are these lunatics thinking?

The whole thing is a 'ing joke.

Some Thoughts on SMA
I think they've gone about it in the right way so far, they've taking their somewhat modest acheivments directly to the public in seo/webmaster fora across the web and have thus far been happy to answer questions where they have found them.

Im not overly impressed that very little seems to have been done with the websites since launch but a degree of "benefit of the doubt" can be afforded them as im sure they were all at SES this last week.

Overall, im rather bullish on SMA, i think that if they dont go all quiet on us lke DUMPO did then they've won half the battle and Mikkel tells me that communication is one of the top priorities.

What we Need Now
If we dont hear somthing from SMA in the very near future they will lose the momentum they had a week or so ago. What we need now is information. More details on progress, even if those details only amount to "we're on the case and you'll hear soon" it would be good to get some further communication from the good boys and girls involved in the UK and Denmark. Im sure im not the only one that feels a little "once bitten" as far as communication goes...

So, c'mon, let's have it. What's happening SMA?


Update - Constitution (By-laws) now available.

The Constitution of the Search Marketing Association UK is now available for download and perusal at the SMA-UK website

See dedicated thread on the topic of the constitution, the welcome pack, and the subscription/membership costs at:

Ammon Johns - Technical Director,
Administrator at

Wishing the SMAs Well

Though I am neither in the UK nor EU, I am wishing both SMAs well and following with interest. So far, brilliantly done.

SMA-EU on the way ...

SMA-EU is a few steps behind SMA-UK. We more or less have the initial working group put together. It was a bit more complicated than with SMA-UK because we wanted the people from as many different European countries as possible. There might be issues that a SEO/SEM company in Spain look at differently than one in Germany, Denmark or Poland. We want to make sure those differences are represented as good as possible in the working group.

We are about to schedule our first meeting with the group. Just the logistics of this is, again, much more complicated than SMA-UK as the distances are so much greater. We expect the meeting to take place within the next month (hopefully)

Personally I have been a little disabled this week as I have been hit by some kind of bad virus. I did manage to get through a lawyers meeting and a few phone conferences about SMA-EU but I am not fully functional, I have to say. I expect to be much better next week :)

Very soon we will be sending out a general information notice to all the good people that signed up for interest in SMA-EU. In the mean time it would be good if you - any interested coming members - think about the following issues (more to come):

- What do you think is a acceptable member fee for individual members and corporate members?

- At what level do we want the engines to be invloved? It has been suggested that they can join as "associate members" with no voting rights and very limited influence on our financials (in other words - hardly any sponsoring). However, remember, that if we don't take their money you and I will have to pay higher member fees to be able to do what we want SMA-EU to do. Personally, I'd rather pay a little more and not be dependant of the engines but thats just me. I want SMA-EU to, at any given time, be able to kick the engines and still stay alive - if that is ever needed (not that I think it will be). But, I'd really like to hear what you thing ...?

OK, I'm back to bed. Talk later. I am always around the forums and my e-mail is widely available. You are most welcome to contact me with any questions you might have.

Okay, Nick.

We're on the case and you'll hear soon. ;)

There's a lot to be done, and the SES Stockholm event certainly took some folks away from even their business, never mind their voluntary time in putting together the trade association. In fact, November was such a busy month for many of us that we have scheduled the next formal meeting of the SMA-UK working party for December.

In the meantime, many of us are working on things we'll present at that meeting. In my own case, for an example, I'm putting together strategies and ideas on how we can provide and present educational and training opportunities to members that will actually be valuable to them.

Most of us are easy to reach with any questions, so of course we're continuing with direct communications with interested parties, and we're currently getting the blog and forums set up so that we've got almost every possible channel of communication open.

But , since none of us have the authority to grant a stipend, let alone receive one, we are having to conduct SMA-UK business on a part-time basis. ;) Seriously, SMA isn't *business* for the working party (though we certainly take it as seriously), but rather is a voluntary effort for the good of the entire industry (we hope). That means that dealing with the pre-christmas business-rush is going to slow us down on SMA stuff while our primary roles (in our own companies) take precedence for a couple of weeks. I think that's fair.


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