Google CEO says Google isn't a portal

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Google CEO says Google isn't a portal
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Sci-Tech Today are reporting that Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt has said:

... the company is focused on search and is not a Web "portal." A Web portal is a site which offers a range of personalized services on one page.

Google's launch of their personalised page service has had a lot of discussion and thoughts.

I do not know where the quote originated from (if anyone knows please comment) but when it walks, looks and quacks like a duck then surely it's most likely it is a duck.

Or am I wrong. Is Google entering a portalesque phase or not?


Yeah right! - and I am not a spammer :)

Really, what do Eric Schmidt knows about what a portal is? The term is not even well defined and has, for a fact, been debated forever even among the sites most agree is a portal.

"A Web portal is a site which offers a range of personalized services on one page." is probably the worst definition of a portal I've ever seen - almost as bad as the 90s version "we are like a newspaper ..."


HHH! Like Danny said, it doesn't have horoscopes so it's not a portal.

Add Business Week to the "Yep, It's a portal" group.


>>>A Web portal is a site which offers a range of personalized services on one page.

am i missing something... isn't this exactly what they did?

Sticky stuff

They're adding sticky stuff. So you won't just do your search and then leave. First Gmail, then whatever else, so you have to keep coming back.

Google isn't a portal.

Unless you want it to be.

When does the media

come to the conclusion that these guys are just BS artists?

What the heck is "fusion"?



"At times, the company's appetite has overtaken its good sense--Google's tone-deaf handling of the public uproar over Gmail last year being the most telling example. Privacy advocates flipped out when they learned the company was scanning the content of e-mail messages in order to serve up targeted ads. So much for Google's pretentious-sounding "do no evil" dictum."

"Thursday's briefing was a pure PR snow job. When it comes to explaining what's really going on at Google, these guys have a lot to learn."

Charles Cooper, Executive Editor, Cnet

The Key

"on one page" is the key here... With Google, you have to click to a SECOND page to get everything, therefore it's not a portal!

Good Point StOn3y

Now as Nick has broken wires, I suppose I should come in and say do you mind getting yourself over here and introduce yourself?

Why Not?

I don't see anything wrong with it not being a portal. Especially if it started to do Fantasy Sports, it would be very popular. But there would be a lot of bumps along the ride, like Yahoo! had. Maybe Google doesn't see the trend-setting of being a portal that Yahoo! likes doing.

Eric is right

I think their CEO is right. It is not a portal - it is a vortal for search - maybe?


More than being a portal, I would think their primary concern is gathering users so they can gather data, to turn around and gather more users which result in more eyeballs for their advertising products.

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