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Y!Q Beta
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Note from Nick: This thread got a bit confused, Yahoo have not beta'd their upcoming contextual stuff yet, this is about Y!Q - I got this from their PR dept. in email..

Y!Q, introduced earlier this year, is the first product of its kind that analyzes the content of a Web page and provides contextually relevant search results at the moment of search inspiration. Webmasters can integrate Y!Q into their sites and create a more engaging experience by providing visitors with related search results directly on website pages. Y!Q allows users to learn more about related topics without interruption and without having to leave the webmaster’s site.

For more information about the Y!Q Challenge or to enter to win, please visit http://advision.webevents.yahoo.com/yq/challenge

just received an email from Y! saying there publisher network is in Beta.

I'm looking forward to this.

Very different from Google however, so I doubt it is a direct substitute for most webmasters.



This is a contest they are running that happens to be a contextual offering, it actually is not the "Real" YPN beta (which actually isn't even in true beta yet) that everyone is waiting for. There is no financial compensation involved for publishers who implement this, unless they win one of the prizes. And it is US only to boot.


they could have uped it a bit too. $5,000 is not much for exposure across many sites.

$5000 ..

In a world where Google are getting $4000 million a year of AdWords, $5000 to get publishers to play with non earning Yahoo contextural, does, as you say, seem a bit mean for what is really just a lottery.

Be careful Yahoo

Yahoo needs to be careful how they handle all those publishers out there. Failure to reveal any details of the commercial deal for publishers dont the road will probably lead to most publishers ignoring this network.

Google's adsense network is a commercial platform (like Windows or eBay) and locks-on the most innovative of the web's users. The longer Yahoo wait to try to break this network, the more difficult it will be!


I think the biggest thing Yahoo! does not want to do is have the Yahoo! contextual scraper sites. they are probably trying to figure out how to launch without picking up Google's baggage.

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