New search engine calls themselves 'Major'

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PR Newswire
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A new kid on the block called have released their search engine to the public today. is the newest major search engine to hit the World Wide Web, and it's bound to make some waves. offers something refreshingly different, it is the first major search engine developed and owned by an African American. The search engine is available in 17 foreign languages.

I am not sure if the African-American thing will help them get money but the advertising along the top is awful, the speed of the site is slow and there are broken images all over the place.

Maybe this should still be in beta.



I'll say it best by saying nothing at all "Uggg"


so firckin slow

intersting title, Clique defintion:an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose

"bound to make some waves" is a bold statment to make.

Mind you for my main keywords my sites are at the top and any search engine that does that i like!

wake me up

Ive just woken up whilst waiting for my search query to be shown...


Read this whole page...

Noble goals

>> ultimately keeps businesses in profit and sustains longevity.

That can't be bad, can it? :)

Okay, I'll bite - This is an awful press release...

This is just a case of BAD PR writing. The release suggests in the first (topic) paragraph that the main reason the world should use this search engine is because the owner is black:

>> offers something refreshingly different, it is the first major search engine developed and owned by an African American.

After reading the president's message (linked to by HopStream above), it's evident the sure the search engine's main competitive advantage has nothing to do with what race he is - it's simple effective search he's after.

I wish him well

Looks like he needs more RAM though..

Is this a...

...Russel Simmons' production?

That crossed-arm, gangsta pose photo has got to go. I think another pose, a bit more humble in approach, would be more acceptable to many. It kind of turns me off from the whole thing.

About the "African American" PR move: He is probably hoping to draw African Americans in by mentioning that. Wonder if the race loyalty tactic will work!?


What does being the first black search engine have to do with anything, besides being a very poor planned marketing ploy.

Besides when I want to go to a true gangsta search engine I goto (Funny Stuff)

Make sure to tizzout all of yo keywords to see where you rizzank!! LMAO

Pretty shoddy

* So slow, it makes your eyes water.

* Another SE caching pages without publishers' express permission - i. e. a blatant copyright violator.

* Using their foreign language search function still gives you an English GUI.

* Note the typo in "Paid Lisitngs Disclosure |" on

* Plain awful PR as mentioned above.

And I agree with Jarrod - Gizoogle's a LOT more fun!



lol, when I checked it on Monday (about to post about how cruddy I thought the marketing was and then deciding I couldn't be bothered) I tried search after search and I couldn't get any results, then I searched for Ali-G and it sprang into action.

There could be more to this clique angle than just the marketing......

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