BitTorrent Creator to Launch Search Engine

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Washington Post
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Bram Cohen, the creator of the popular BitTorrent is preparing to launch a Web-based search engine with the goal being to get every single torrent on the Internet indexed.

Locating the torrents, however, requires finding host sites. And while Cohen himself has not been a target of government or the film and music industries' piracy watchdogs, some operators of Web sites hosting tracker files have been forced to shut down.

This should be an interesting one - I wonder if that will tip the balance and send the Feds into a frenzy?

Techdirt also have nice piece on this and theorise that this may be the carrot the entertainment industry have been looking for to sue Bram.


C|NET and ZDNet both are running stories that this will be up within a few days.


ASK and Bittorrent

clickz story on ASK showing contextuals on the new engine

itTorrent announced Monday that it is planning to launch a search engine to index the thousands of movies, music, video games and other files currently shared using the company's peer-to-peer software. Alongside search results, the company will show keyword-targeted text ads from Ask Jeeves.

Wouldn't that be google adwords then?

Am I missing something or would those contextual ads be the same as google adsense/adwords since google provides the PPC on ASK? Is ASK just re-distributing google ads and packaging them as their own?

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