Diller on the ASK Aquisition

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Diller On Why IAC Bought Ask
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John Battelle posts notes on IAC big job Barry Diller talking about the ASK aquisition and it makes for an interesting read...

Diller went on to declare that search will be the de facto interface to the screen, and I certainly agree. He then told the story of how they came to the decision to buy Ask. The team made a graph of market share, and saw Ask at 6-7 percent, Google and Yahoo at over 30. Could IAC move Ask to the right, to gain more market share? "If the answer was yes, then the acquisition made sense," Diller said.

Diller believes the answer is yes.

You can't help but love an underdog, especially a confident one...


?Ask Jeeves?


I hope they change the name and "rebrand" it.

Ask Jeeves" is the 2nd crappest name for a "major" search engine.

The number one spot has to go to: "MSN Search"



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