Give me back my simple search engine!

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Softpedia Internet Life has an interesting post from from it's news editor which complains about all the search engines following each other with add-ons.

And although Yahoo and MSN hope that each new service takes them one step closer to Google, the result is far from being decided.

Truth is I for one miss my simple search engine, which strived to offer the best results, not new services. Do you know where that search engine is?

That is something novel - just give me the best results (bolding was mine). Can anyone answer the question?


meanwhile, back in the real world

it's a sad fact of life that a simple search engine with the best results will make less money than an acceptable search engine with some sticky services.


Ditto what Gurtie said. I'm fairly certain that none of us can argue that developing, running and supporting a search engine is an extremely costly and time-consuming endeavor.

While users may want a truly accurate and fast search engine, to argue that they should not be presented with any ads or add-ons while using it for free is to argue an impractical viewpoint.

Tell me something

I don't know. The risk with all this personalization is creating something that just echos back what I already know. I think the discovery process is always exciting and there will always be a demand for an engine that simply indexes the web and makes it searchable.

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