Adsense Showing Icons and Mini Search

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Threadwatch'er Dominic reported seeing icons in Adsense yesterday, and today, Roxanne of CashKeywords rounds up similar sightings of not only icons, but "mini search", whatever that may be...

I've not seen them, but there's a fair few that have so im guessing they're quietly testing this before an official announcement...


"Mini search"

I think the mini search only appears when Google does not have enough information to work out the content on a page. I've seen it a couple of times on new pages, but after a while Google seems to pick up the content and provided relevant (or what it thinks are relevant) ads. Not sure whether this is a new feature or just part of the standard process though.


is what the seem to be.

I don't like this at all...screws up my design

I just saw this last night on one of my sites.

I hope I can opt out if the icon thing (I use text and image ads now). BUT the worst I noticed was my regular skyscraper in one of the normal ad spots was showing "See more ads on..." with a small block of Link Ads directly beneath that. So that leaves me with "Ads by Google" then "See more ads on..." then one ad format, then another, all in the same skyscraper....ugly sloppy mess if you ask me. This is compounded by the fact that I use the Link Ads already elsewhere on the page.

If I can't be sure of the format of the ads on my site, I will seriously have to reconsider adsense.

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