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CNET launches consumer technology site in UK
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CNet have launched a UK version, complete with dedicated editorial team, of their popular consumer electronics site, according to Net Imperitive today...

The new site,, is focused on helping consumers understand, buy and use personal technology. A UK-based editorial team will provide news, product reviews, guides, original streaming video features, a gadget blog and price comparison.

The site also shows consumers how to realise the potential of products that they already own, and allows readers to submit their own feedback and reviews.


good thing/bad thing?

Other than the thing I generally wish cnet would disappear to be honest. Not sure I've ever seen an article on there (not that I bother much) that was good, balanced and well written. Seems to be much more in the tabloid style of 'journalism' where sensationalism generates discussion. The sad thing being, that a lot of people then go thinking it's accurate information because they don't know any better. Takes about 2 minutes for anyone with any real knowledge, of a subject cnet pretend to be experts on, to rip the articles apart.

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