MSN Reveals Paid Search Algorithm

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Microsoft SEM Algorithim
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Tony Gentile points out that MSN Search rep Matt Lydon has revealed some details of the MSN Paid Search algorithm...

Question: What payment model does MSN plan to implement?

MSN – More similar to Google, and not Yahoo. They won’t have paid inclusion. They add another component to the CPC x CTR. They take into account the audience and use that info to determine the ranking.

There's actually a whole big bag of goodies in the MarketerToday piece about the Search Engine Summit at the Annual Catalog Conference. Well worth a gander...


Looks interesting

And competition has got to be good all round even if MSN doesnt make all that big a splash

you are looking at the wrong place ....

I Found something else which is much more of a new to me, it is :

> MSN – Discussed the recent launch of the new MSN Search. Admitted they > had been losing ground to Google and Yahoo. Discussed their removal of > paid inclusion. Discussed launch of spam detection.

what is this "launch of spam detection" ... any pointers ?


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