Phantom Menace Prequel on the cards?

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Lucas thinking about it?
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He says he's finished.......has he really?

George Lucas tells a scooper for Cinescape that in the back of his noggin' he has an idea for another add-on to the "Star Wars" movie series : A prequel to "The Phantom Menace".

Nope, not the adventures of young Jar Jar Binks building an underwater haven - but the tales of the Jedi regaining control of the universe from the many Dark Lords some 88 years before Anakin Skywalker's bowl cut ever graced the earth.

Yoda - who was instrumental in the effort - would apparently have a headlining role.


In my youth...

When I was a total science fiction geek and subscriber to Starlog, The Monster Times, etc., I remember reading about Star Wars a year or so before it was released (back when the main character's name was Luke Starkiller).

I seem to recall that it was part of a planned trilogy of trilogies, but that the last three films were to take place after the fall of the empire. So the first of the last three would have been a sequel to Return (fka Revenge) of the Jedi.

So either that plan's been dropped, or my memory's not so accurate.

I have heard that Lucas plans on expanding some animated series that's currently running (which I haven't seen) and doing a live action television series involving minor characters from the films.

Oh dear

Wont leave it alone will he? ;O)

The live action series apparently will star some aussie bloke who was second choice to hayden whatsisname (anakin in clones). Possibly also feature Mark Hamill (maybe as Luke Skywalker the mentor to young jedi as in the books) The cartoon is clone wars and its not bad, new series is episode 2.5 apparently (takes place half way between events of 2 and 3).

i still want kevin smith

to do 7, 8 and 9...with an old han solo, luke and leia...


And they'd live in Jersey, right?

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