Yahoo Being Sued Over Naked Photos

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Woman sues Yahoo
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The Oregon are covering an Associated Press story that a woman has filed a suit against Yahoo for not taking naked photos of her down from their network, yet previously promising to do so.

It is alleged that her previous boyfriend opened Yahoo profiles, posted pictures of her, pretended to be her in chats.

Moreover, the former boyfriend engaged in online discussions in Yahoo chat rooms, posing as Barnes and directing men to the profiles, the suit claims.

The suit claims that the consequences of these actions were dire.

"Due to these profiles and online chats, unknown men would arrive without warning at plaintiff's work expecting to engage in sexual relations with her," the suit says.

Yahoo stated

the company does not comment on pending litigation.



Wow, $3 million dollar lawsuit. Those pictures must really be good. Somehow I doubt they will get any money.

$3 million is not enough

if her story is true. It reads like the director of communications called her before a TV station was going to run the story (and I presume make Yahoo look less than stellar) and promise to remove the profiles. They were never removed.

This should be a no-brainer. What would happen if that woman was attacked or killed?

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