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Within the last hour, Google PageRank stopped displaying in both Firefox (PRGoogleBar) and IE (their own Google Toolbar), at least for me. I live on Kauai, Hawaii, so perhaps it's a datacenter issue. I've tested a number of factors, and don't think it's my local PC (firewalls, anti-virus, settings, etc.). I can query GG, so they've haven't blocked my IP. Anyone else having any problems having PR displayed in their browsers?



Others are reporting the same issue...

...on WMW (or WW). I too see a greyed out "PageRank" indicator.

Thanks for those links Dominic

The end of google's PageRank...

Well it could be... NOT!

The googlites like making major changes on Friday nights (especially on a long weekends - like this one is in the US.)

google is NOT going to to get rid of PR, they may not let the public see it anymore, but they are not going to stop using PR in the algo, just my opinion.

Mr Tabke at WMW ...

..can put your mind to rest on this one!

The toolbar pr indicator has been offline many times before. It's just a "we are working on it" glitch...
... If they were going to do it, the feature would just be removed from the toolbar.

Thread is here

and caches have been out, too

All of this is probably just infrastructure changes. Launching a few new IP's or DataCentres or Bots or whatever...

Brett isn't always right though

With the Bourbon update, he initially said it was definitely not an update. Later, he reversed his stand and said it was. So, as far as I am concerned, his statement that this is just a glitch is still just an opinion. Perhaps a correct opinion, perhaps not. Time will tell.

British sense of humour!

not always understood by non Brits!


And there I thought you were a BT (not British Telecom) addict...


Brett has some very very good contacts inside the "plex", but they don't tell him everything and sometimes they only tell him what they want everyone to know...


My "gut feeling" tells me that the folks at the "plex" started a hardware upgrade(add on) along with an algo adjustment and ran into some problems...

Side Note: been noticing that the googlites have been "hiding" some new data centers, anyone got the new IPs yet?

Should be back soon

My guess, it should be back to normal by tuesday :)


don't worry google just needs to reset the random tbpr generator :)


lots0 I'll personally wait a couple of weeks (until this update is settled) before looking for new IP's


As a sidenote: Any thoughts on whether "continous update mode" has been discontinued?

(my own thoughts are "yes, it didn't work out as a stand alone, but continous updates still run in-between these large dance-like ones")


??PageRank still down. The cache page server going down for several hours on Saturday. Google itself going down for as short time Friday night. Either they are updating hardware or they have some serious problems or maybe even both.

So what do you think, is the publicly viewable PageRank coming back? Or is it gone forever?


Any thoughts on whether "continous update mode" has been

I am not sure. I do know that continuous updates have been a goal of google’s for several years.

I do think that the googlites have run into some problems they did not anticipate with these continual updates.

About the “possible” new data centers... I’m not waiting, I have my little spies out looking right now, I want to see what is going on in those data centers, if they do in fact exist ...


On balance I think they should phase out the toolbar. I have some sympathy for the view that this may well be a 'trial run' to see how the community reacts.

If they do drop it though, it's hard to see why people would want the google toolbar - for autolink? The PR viewer has been a major driving force behind their downloads.

You can bet that Google would only think about this once they have a strong set of tools on there to compensate users and keep the downloads going.


>> The PR viewer has been a major driving force

Imho, only for SEO-minded people (which still is the minority) - for the regular user it's convenience; to be able to search Google without having to enter something in the address bar first, or find a bookmark.


Just checked the Google Directory - PR shows up nicely there. But (still) not in my browser.


Heh fair point Claus, sometimes I do miss the wood for the trees! I would still argue though it's been influential in toolbar take up.

There's a lot of non-technical website owners/designers/users who understand a PR score. You only have to look through the forums (33 pages at WWW!) to see how much this topic concerns people.


Just checked the Google Directory - PR shows up nicely there.

The PR bar in the google directory is static and has not been updated in several months (that I know of). So, the PR bar in the googlites directory is at best worthless in this discussion.


>> 2005 May 24 GDPR & BL Update: Google PageRank & Backlink Update.
>> Forum coverage:


It may not be a threadwatch specialty, but Bob Mutch knows an update when he sees one... ; ]

I agree that GDPR is not much to go on, a bit like TBPR really - :p


What Bob was talking about was a general PR and backlink update (actually the start of this latest update fiasco), but that has nothing to do with the google directory updating the PR display.

As I said, the PR that is displayed in the google directory has not been updated in several months. It is a static display, the entire directory has to be updated for the PR display to change in the google directory.

Again, the PR display in the google directory is not relevant to this discussion, at least in my opinion.


It's (partly) back now. I presume people are wetting their pants as you read this... ; )

Marissa 'fessed up

once she told them what she'd done GG posted at WMW it would be fixed soon and it was back within a couple of hours.

Or it might be co-incidence.


You mean that GG was out, possibly even incognito in some English hotel sunburning his nose and drinking peaty whisky? He got back just in time then... The plex was about to be raided...


I guess there's some truth in the "flicked switch" story after all ;)
... Marissa and the green switch ...

Save you reading it all..

no trustrank, just back to the normal display.

I talked to a few people and there was some new infrastructure that was swapping in. They expect normal toolbar pagerank display to resume in a few hours--no need for concern.

..well then, panic over!


"The PR bar in the google directory is static and has not been updated in several months (that I know of)."

It was updated a week ago.

Welcome back Mr. Green

Good to see you again. I think.

It's back! Oh Boy..what are the forums going to talk about now?

No more "Death of the toolbar".

On a serious note, I didn't realize how often I looked at the little green bar to decide if the site might be legit or not until it was gone.


She is back

Finally able to relax again, these days were intense.


lots0, my point was rather that the green bars in the Google Directory would probably disappear if Google really had decided to get rid of the PR display?

I noticed a quote on WMW of a Googlite saying that the PR display is for entertainment only. Of course it's a pretty rough way of describing how a website is doing. Personally I appreciate it as an indicator, but it's not exactly keeping me from checking from what sites this gross total originates.


The bastards fixed it as I am starting to see it on some sites now.

Real pity they brought it back. This was an opportunity for the team at the plex to dump up, although I appreciate it was unlikely to have been planned that way

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