Hey Nick, what did you do to upset Jeremy Zawodny ?

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Did Jeremy Zawodny just bitch slap threadwatch?
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Mouse over the threadwatch link, October 31, 2004.

So Nick...what did you do this time?


I have no idea...

but I almost fell of my chair laughing when I saw that ;-)

I hope it isnt a mistake, it's far to good to just be a cockup dont you think lol!


Funny how I mis-transcribed that, huh? :-)

Certainly was...

Welcome Jeremy :-)

Dont edit that will you? hehe..!

I didn't get to read the funny

Can one of you blokes PM me the joke?

Or post it here, if that's OK ;)

Not had your coffee this morn

Not had your coffee this morning jeremy heh!

It's still therer mate, follw the 'bitch slap' link in NFFC's post and go down to oct 31 - then mouseover the threadwatch link and read the tooltip ;)


How did you know I hadn't had any espresso drinks yet Nick?

*note to self: no forum posting until coffee saturation levels return to normal...

Pre-coffee/ Post-alchohol Posts

I made it a rule early on to never post before coffee or after alcohol. No good normally comes from when I slip on either;) If it makes you feel any better though, I read that tooltip at least three times before I saw what was wrong with it.

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