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11 Ways to Improve Landing Pages
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Digital-Web offers 11 tips for better landing pages, worth a gander, though i did wonder about "removing navigation"... that'd make me feel trapped i think....


Reduce navigation?

Good stuff there.

I think possibly some of this applies more to PPC traffic.

Anyone admit to doing PPC on a landing page with no navigation?

no navigation

I tried this with debt consolidation and payday loans and it worked well.
But then I only need the user to fill out a form to make money.

For more 'shopping' oriented products/services I've never tried this and I don't think it would work either.

No Navigation

I found the article to be pretty basic in nature, and I doubt Mr. Nguyen has actually tested many of his assumptions. The "remove navigation" one in particular has been a "rule of thumb" around the web for a while.

We conducted a scientific test of this, and found that having the navigation there actually increased conversion by 30% on a key lead generation page. This is not to say that removing the navigation never helps, because surely it does depending on the audience and offer. But the only way to know is to test.


Thanks for your comments, and welcome, Scott Miller. Now that you're here, don't forget to really introduce yourself

agreed on basic

although basic can work.

On the no nav issue, I know it does work for some products/target markets, I agree single page sites can convert (a page with no navigation is a single page site whatever else may be on the domain) but personally if I can't click on at least a contact us and a terms and conditions link then I'd be unlikely to buy/sign up/sell my soul as required.

Limited Nav Counterintuitive ... but it works

I've seen some stunningly positive results from pages that offer the visitor little choice but to close the window or fill in a form.

I hate this so much that I almost did not even agree to test it. That would have been a big mistake on my part.

While this tactic may irriate a large portion of those who land (80%+?), it more than makes up for any negative reactions, by seeming to put many "Undecided's" into the "Take Action" camp.

focussed navigation - not no navigation

A more careful read of the linked article shows that he is proposing that navigation be focussed to the conversion process, not necessarily removing all navigation. He says: consider removing (unneeded) navigation.

depends on page?

I had one page that nav-template-wrapped the landing page, and IMHO the templatic wrapping seem off-putting. A re-design dropped the gratuitous nav and built call to action, with very good results. Only options were submit data, or learn more, or learn why not, or learn ho wlong the promotion lasts.

Can't say lackof nav didn't bother somebody, but overall quite impressive results.

I hate it

when I land on one of those no/limited nav pages... But, I use them.

From what I have seen on different sites "limiting user choices" works like a charm to increase conversions.


yeah, we had a long thread about shopping carts a while back, where i started it off with many wrong assumptions but was really put on track with regard simplicity.

It's a good read once you get to the meat of it...


Thanks for that link Nick, I was just looking for some SC reviews for a new project.

And the design tips are great...

like Gerbot says

Depends what you're doing.

I think in certain markets, depending what you're doing, giving the surfer no choice but the path you want can work well.

It has to do with credibility

In my opinion, having a template, navigation, etc. adds credibility to a landing page. Particularly if you sell to "us" internet folks, this is important-

For sure


I spend a lot of time marketing to less savvy internet users.

Terms, Conditions etc, aren't very interesting reads anyway.

As with all of these

split test, let your numbers advise you, noone else has your exact situation. With landing pages its pretty easy to split test and if you have enough traffic you will have your answer fast.


When I do PPC landing pages I make almost everything a click, images, non underlined text, "buy button", etc. Pages never have standard navigation, and have very few if any ways out. For items under $100 I usually average an 8-10% conversion rate.

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