Expired domains and auction sites as Google's spam signal?

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Cyrus Shepard just tweeted this question based on this article.

And the comment thread is interesting as well:

I would strongly suggest NOT building money sites on expired domains moving forwards. The fact we lost 6 money sites that were build on expired domains is a big warnings sign. It’s as though Google just pulled the trigger on expired domains with certain characteristics. I’m sure we’re not the only ones that lost genuine sites that somehow appeared to G as PBN sites.


Watch the expired domain market get flooded now with de-indexed domains


I find it hard to believe Google are targeting expired domains, many people buy expired domains for reasons that have nothing to do with SEO so penalizing a site purely because it has been built on an expired domain would be morally wrong. It would appear Google are identifying a footprint by using a combination of indicators


With all the variation in proposed determining factors for what appear to actually be manual reviews, surely there is an algorithmic parameter that is picking this up:

-Shared hosts, Unique IPs, privacy on, privacy off. -Affiliate links, genuine (business) links, no links. -Huge original content, a few words of scraped content. -Purchased at auction, scraped expired domains from many years ago.



It's probably an over-optimization filter. Just take the top most popular keywords for an industry, search the Internet to see which blog networks/sites have them all incorporated in them, compare to age of URL, turn it over to a live person (spam-tracker)...Then drop the hammer.

You have to learn to create your own keywords instead of using keyword suggestion tools. That way you never get hammered and you have more conversions because you are using the high conversion phrases from the long tail that actually sells stuff.


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