OJR Discovers Reputation Management SEO

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New Article Looks at SEO "Gone Bad"
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The Online Journalism Revue's Mark Glaser discovers reputation management SEO, the process of burying unfavorable Google results with positive testimonies by companies. He points his finger squarely at Quixtar for "unloading an arsenal of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that go against accepted marketing techniques"...

To put it simply, Quixtar enlisted various people to help create dozens of Weblogs that linked to each other and were filled with positive stories and key words. The idea is to help put these newer blogs at the top of search results for phrases such as "Quixtar success" and "Quixtar opportunity," while more critical sites such as Quixtar Blog and Amquix.info would drop down.

But Quixtar is not alone. Every major company, non-profit and religious group now has to worry about their Web reputation and has to pay very close attention to that first page of search results.


They contacted me sometime

They contacted me sometime ago to do this exact thing for them.

Their idea here is to "move down" the bad press websites that discuss Quixtar as a bad business opportunity.

Dirty little secrets...

This kind of thing has been a staple of some SEO companies for quite some time.

Quixtar is not the first or even the biggest to go down this road. They were just very unlucky in becoming the first company to be made public.

I know several people that earn a very good living making pages vanish in the SERP.

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they've lost me here

>>go against accepted marketing techniques

is reputation management not a pretty accepted marketing technique. I was thinking it had been for, oh, 20 or 30 years?....

I don't really disagree with

I don't really disagree with reputation management, but SERP manipulation of websites you don't own is another thing. If they are simply earning more and more rankings and pushing down what they consider "bad opinion" rankings it is OK, but if they are purposely spamming the websites that have bad opinions about their company and/or services it is another thing entirely.

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