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Yesterday I saw that GoogleGuy had requested his own space to post info on "Update Weather Reports" at WMW (similar to the Yahoo blog - link to that post is not working right now). He posted there today.

There is an accompanying questions for GG thread (135 questions at this time).

Should be interesting to see what comes from this.

I wonder why GG seems to favor WMW instead of SEW?



"I wonder why GG seems to favor WMW instead of SEW?"


I assume that is your sense of humour, and a retorical question!

Actually that was a serious

Actually that was a serious question. I may be a bit naive, since I don't stay on top of all the internal politics of the various forums. Just curious. :-)


Better data collection at wmw ;)

I'm hearing a "we" tone to GGs stuff.

Much better headline. ;-)

Much better headline. ;-)


SEW members are prolly less "pliable"... And WMW still has the largest audience.

WMW edits the hell out of

WMW edits the hell out of everything, that is what GG likes, a forum where all the "hard" questions get deleted and accounts get closed if the questions are not liked.

IMO, SEW is getting more and more like WMW with the editing, maybe in an attempt to attract GG to post there.

Is it really going that way

Is it really going that way lots0?

I thought they were a lot looser their, but have not participated since last year...

Is that why GG doesn't like TW?

Too much free thinking here? ;O)

Why GG doesn't like TW

This gives a bit of the background

Or try this TW Thread

Think Nick banned him at one time, which may explain his absense here.

GG is welcome here provided

GG is welcome here provided certain conditions are met, he's agreed to those conditions but has not complied with them yet. I spoke to him last week and he said he was on holiday or traveling for a week or so then would come sort things out - at that point, his posting comes back on and he'll be free to comment.

Google should have a voice here like everyone else, but G have to follw the TW rules like everyone else also is all...

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