Record numbers streamed World Cup games from mobile devices


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently released some information regarding World Cup viewership. It isn't surprising to learn that many consumers intended to use their mobile device throughout the games to gain information, namely scores. What is surprising is how aggressively some consumed content.

Globally, 26% of viewers and 33% of "soccer fanatics" intended to watch live matches on their smartphone. This number was as high as 49% in China. This information comes just weeks after The Content Standard reported the 16-24 year old demographic, on average, spends more than 2 hours /day on the mobile web.If there is a lesson to be learned from all this, it is that serving an excellent mobile experience is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. A mobile site is not a place for the bare essentials. Consumers are interested in all types of content, not just a quick score check during a lull in conversation.