A Portal to AOL's Future?

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Free Internet Site:: A Portal to AOL's Future?
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Story in New York Times about AOL's attempt to stem losses of members. The new portal was unveiled to AOL employees recently. The fact that before the unveiling, Richard D. Parsons, the chief executive of Time Warner, AOL's parent, said "AOL is not for sale" is usually a sure sign that its is. Barry Diller has already said he is interested in buying, but not at $20 billion

The new portal will offer sections on news, sports and business, much as Yahoo does, along with some original programming, like music videos, and an emphasis on interests like women's fitness. The challenge is how to create a free Internet site compelling enough to attract traffic and advertising - with much of the content it previously reserved for paying customers - without hastening the demise of its subscription business.

Any day now, Google's market value, currently $80 billion, could pass Time Warner's $81 billion value. Google's annual sales last year came to $3.2 billion, against Time Warner's $42 billion, but investors see Google as the future, and Time Warner and AOL as the past.

Looks as if Diller is either trying to agree a price, or Aol are trying to get him to offer one.