Apple Watch and Local Search


Aside from the new Apple Watch cool features like the sports tracker, Siri, the heart rate monitor, and my favorite, Apple TV navigation, how much of an impact will this have on local search with the introduction of Apple Pay?

The watch still needs an iPhone to connect with for internet so I guess the new convenience is to not have to pull you phone out of your pocket and use the browser on the watch so i guess local search is still stemming from an iPhone.

Search Engine Journal identifies plenty of opportunity to boost your presence in local search making sure not to discount Bing as an area to make your presence known. Since Apple’s default search engine is Bing, it’s a good idea to visit both Bing Places as well as Google My Business to either create or optimize your company’s presence.

That teamed with the industries second attempt, this time by Apple, at paying for items at your local store, it’s time to accept the fact that the use of a wallet or purse is a thing of the past. Even putting aside the fact that the Apple Watch isn’t due until 2015, local and mobile search is here and it isn’t going away especialy with Apple Pay.