Microsoft Update Goes Live

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Unified Microsoft Update Site Goes Live
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Microsoft have launched a unified update site according to BetaNews, located at

The launch of Microsoft Update coincides with the launch of Software Update Services 2.0 (SUS) and Windows Update Services (WUS) - known collectively known as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). The services audit desktops for necessary patches, and extend options for patch deployment, data migration and reporting. Ballmer is also expected to announce these services in his keynote.


Third-party patches?

I'm guessing that the updates will be for both Windows and Office programs, which is at least an improvement on the previous situation.

However Microsoft are still far behind most major Linux distributions in providing patches for not only their own software but that of third-party programs. An ideal solution to increase Windows security would be the possibility to get patched for Windows, Office, Adobe products (Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.), anti-virus programs... even Firefox. Software providers could sign up and the MS update site could manage everything.

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