Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace where people buy illegal drugs online


I'm watching drugs inc and apparently there are now online market places where people are buying drugs online and it even has reviews :/

I did a bit of research and it looks like the government shut it down (

The internet is getting weird.


Yup, it was basically Ebay

Yup, it was basically Ebay for everything illicit and operated on the "dark web". It used bitcoins as currency which is how they got their start.

Yeah, Silk Road has been shut

Yeah, Silk Road has been shut down, but from what I gather, there are alternative marketplaces popping up on the dark web. As I understand it, most users have Tor or something similar. And yes, bitcoins are the currency of choice there.

its all just a little bit of history repeating

this is kind of the same way that googles major early profits on adwords were from shady pharmacutical is interesting how the origin of many great things on the internet is shady stuff ....

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