Gerry McGovern article: Do You Really Want to Do Content Fake Marketing?

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It's been a while since I came across an article like this. One with a seething tone that doesn't sound petty.

Gerry McGovern's newest post on CMSWire is critical of how companies are using content marketing to cover the unhealthy reputation of their products. He cites Coca-Cola and Red Bull as two examples. He then proceeded to mention working with an airline website which had a lot of destination pages for the sake of targeting keywords. Interestingly, when these pages were removed from the website, its sales jumped 80%.

McGovern believes consumers are beginning to understand how brands use content to drive their emotions and it is now having an opposite effect. Essentially, "how dare they try to butter me up." His bold claim here is that doing no content marketing may be better than content marketing that is transparent. Do you agree?




Content Marketing

As is always the case in SEO. One size does not fit all.

If you are Coke or Red bull or an Airline, then a substantial amount of your success is based on your Brand and all the non-Internet ways you promote it to your audience. Stripping SEO content off your website to make it more user friendly is certainly going to help you make more sales. Especially since you have tons of money already going into branding.

But... if you arent a big guy with a big branding budget, then the bottom line is always conversions. And conversions DO NOT come from traffic numbers. They come from accurately predicting the phrases your client's buyers use when they want to buy your client's goods and services. As I have said since the beginning of SEO time. Do you want a million hits and one sale or 100 hits and 100 sales. Link builders will never understand this simple concept. The client's goal is not numbers of traffic, its not numbers of inbound links, its not the latest and greatest HTML 5 or CSS code that only works under certain conditions, its SALES and only SALES, and its ANYTHING that supports those sales.

Lose sight of the client's real goal, and all your skills in manipulating search engines are worthless. Know how the buyer shops and everthing else becomes easy.


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