Yahoo! Auctions Drop Fees

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Yahoo Auctions to Drop Listing Fees in U.S.
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Yahoo! Auctions in the US will drop listing fees according to Auctionbytes...

Yahoo is making it free for sellers to list items on its auction platform. Rob Solomon, Vice President and General Manager of Yahoo Shopping, said free auction listings would benefit both buyers and sellers by generating more content of a higher quality and would provide diversification for sellers.

The author asks if this is a response to the Ebay / deal


speculative player

anybody got the nerve to short sell ebay?

>generating more content of

>generating more content of a higher quality

or it could generate a bunch of noise. when you remove the tax to participate in a system many less than desirable things will enter since much of the listing process can likely be automated and it costs next to nothing to list stuff on Yahoo! Auctions. combine that with eBay having a larger auction userbase which likely sells items at a higher price and it doesn't seem like the move really adds much value to Yahoo! Auctions.

About time

I originally started selling on Yahoo! and not eBay because of Yahoo! earlier not having fees. But went to eBay when Yahoo! started charging. There was more of an audience at eBay, but I think I'll start selling at Yahoo! again.

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