Podcasting Begins Making a Come Back in Social Media Marketing


With as much industry noise out there as there is today, how can you stay our climb to the top when your content for social media outlets has been maximized or has become stale?

Jeff Bullas discuses some of the reasons why podcasting is climbing up the hill to meet up with the social media gang and wiggle its way back in to becoming a contender for shareable content. While blog posts can be short and unappealing, visitors may be more apt to share a podcast on social media channels and stay on your site longer. Albert Costill goes in to more detail on Search Engine Journal describing what you need as a foundation and platform to be successful in getting things off the ground.

I have mixed feelings about this. The first thing that came to mind was that youtube still exists and people still share video all the time.  Aren’t videos more identifiable and personable? According to Jeff, even though 3% of marketers utilize podcasting, 32% desire to learn how it can impact their strategy so is podcasting going to kill the video star like video killed the radio star?

I agree that a podcast is a very “take it with you” from a mobile perspective and a “listen on the way” type of content that may bring in a percentage of leads.  I am not sure from a marketing standpoint that it will be a huge impact in social media marketing. I see a small loyalty and an engagement factor that may take off since video can sometimes be a data draw while on the move. It will be interesting to see over the next couple of years if it still continues to climb in the in social media marketing.