The Lies SEO's are Fed

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Why Does Google Lie to SEO’s?
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Yesterday i posted about fear of linking and the FUD, and outright lies that fuel some of the myths surrounding SEO and Search engines, in particular, Google. Today, i see stuntdubl pick up the baton and post about the lies SEO's are told and more, if it's of any actual benefit to GOOG...

It's a great post, and rounds up some absolute classics. Here's a favorite bit:

“There is no sandbox” *snicker* *snicker*
This is fairly true, but it is how the message is being given. Folks new to search engine marketing are asking what is happening (as well as those who have been around a while) and Google reps are shrugging their shoulders asking what they are talking about. I’m not asking for the algorithm, but playing stupid and acting like nothing has changed is a bit silly. If it is a secret bit of proprietary information that helped to solve relevancy issues…than just say that. Don’t claim there is no such thing as the sandbox, and try to make SEO’s feel like they are searching for a non-existent fountain of youth. Discrediting the folks that help you doesn’t help you. If there is no sandbox, perhaps mention some non-specific reasons WHY there is no sandbox.

Wasn't he great?

A solid round up of some of the more persistent silliness that's been fed to us for the last few years. Even if you're not (maybe particularly if you're not) an SEO, you should read every bit of that post, it may come in handy...


Good article at Stuntdubl's...

...if you don't read forums/blogs regularly, it is a great synopsis of larger, recent events (and some of the "standards" as well).

I thought the questions for

Signs of Improvement
It looks like big G is improving on their communication skills. I started writing this post several weeks ago, and since then, there have been some pretty good strides.

I thought the questions for googleguy was a farce, it appeared to me that most of the questions were ignored.

Admittedly the Bourbon thread looks good (I've only just seen it, can't belive i missed it).

A farce?

He answered all the questions up until he said he was finished. The fact people kept asking was weird but how is that a farce?

well maybe not a farce but

well maybe not a farce but it sure sounded like alot of BS to me.

Kind of felt like when you take your car to the mechanic and he says no problem we just need to replace the flu flu value and change your blinker fluid and everything will be OK.

retract my statement

sorry.. because the questions were not answered in the order they were asked, it looked like some of the earlier ones had been skipped over. guess I should read more post less ;)

One of the most talked about Bourbon questions

Not answered. The issue about scraper sites affecting the sites they've scraped from. It was ignored, even though there was a whole thread dedicated to people who felt that was the reason their sites had dropped so low in Bourbon.

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