China Orders Websites to Register

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China orders bloggers to register with government
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The Chinese government are giving it large again with the control of online dissent by forcing websites to register reports the Guardian today...

The Chinese authorities have ordered all weblogs and websites in the country to register with the government or face closure in Beijing's latest attempt to control online dissent.

Commercial publishers and advertisers could be fined up to 1m yuan (£66,000) for failing to register, according to documents on the Chinese information industry ministry's website.

Private bloggers or websites must register the complete identity of the person responsible for the site, and the ministry - which has set a June 30 deadline for compliance - said 74% of all sites had already registered



Makes you want to rush out

Makes you want to rush out and get local hosting for all your .cn domains, now doesn't it?

It's horribly sad. I was in

It's horribly sad. I was in China about '94 and although things were pretty strictly controlled I was lucky to meet some really interesting people; a journalist who'd lost his jobs and been put under observation after the Tiananmen Square incidents and students who were passionate about bringing change to the country.

Then they were scared (they would stop talking if anyone else came in sight) but they seemed optimistic that if they kept chipping away at the regulations they'd make a difference. Now we're 10 years on and things don't really seem to have changed a lot in any meaningful sense.

There has already been a

There has already been a push by local law makers in my home state for a law that would require all local websites to "Register".

When listing to one local law makers statement on this, he was "very optimistic" that new laws would be passed very soon to require all web sites in the State to register...

Big Bro is here and he aint going nowhere anytime soon.

i bet some search engines

i bet some search engines would like to be able to do that

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