Number One in the SERP's - Mobile vs Desktop


Being on a mobile performance kick lately, I found an article that sheds some light on mobile and desktop CTR and how there is still a massive difference between the two. The breakdown, if you’re not number one, you’re last.

Ashley Zeckman found that the first ranking result gets 27% of the CTR for mobile while only 9.2% for the second. This 17.8% difference is fairly substantial and when compared to desktop CTR’s the difference was only 7.9% dropping from 19.3% for the first ranking result to 11.4 for the second. The mobile downward slope after the 3th ranking result was much more comparable as 3.7% of the CTR was for mobile vs 3.0% of the CTR was for desktop.

It goes without saying that mobile design and optimization are still huge factors in keeping users engaged. Things like avoiding user pogo sticking and satisfying the search query is vital keeping your site ranking. Given a larger screen and more results displayed you still have a chance if your 2 or 3 and laptops are not going away but your on the go mobile user is growing and they are also not going away.