Google is Biased? Noooo Way!


So here we go again talking about Google being biased: Here's The Evidence That Google's Search Results Are Horribly Biased...

Ok, we, the users, know that Google reviews... ummm are lower-quality than those powered by Yelp and Trip Advisor and we know that we keep seeing Google Reviews more and more..., now we know why:

The implication is that because Google dumps its reviews on top of those, it is using its 90% market dominance to essentially interfere in the market for - in this case - hotels. That, possibly, is antitrust violation. Yelp isn't complaining that Google dominates search, rather that it is using that dominance to distort markets outside of the search industry.

Of course there will always be apologetic human beings like this one (in the comments);

Wait... so Google runs this huge services with millions of servers globally and promotes some of their own stuff via this massive service that they run and offer to the public at no charge? I don't understand the uproar. What's next? People suing Apple for forcing the default mapping app as Apple Maps?

Well, apart from the fact that Apple doesn't require any wicked custom-built tools to disable Apple Maps, this comment has the right to exist.... but only in the world of business monopoly and nonexistent search competition...