ICANN Approves .hill Domain for Hillbillies

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Watley Review
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Not leaving anyone behind, ICANN have been dragged into the fun with the local governor and GGNJ (Grandma's Guns-N-Jerky Inc.) all about the .hill domain.

"The inter-ma-net is a blazin' fast world," said "Appalachian" Andy McCoy, executive vice president of Telecommunications and Spittin' at GGNJ. "And that's fine for some, I guess. But we'uns want somethin' a little more down-to-earth, if you know what I mean. And this new do-main will be just the ticket."

It is worth the read and not something that one can really think is too far away from the way ICANN sometimes behave if there's money in them there hills.


That's a Poor Excuse for Sarcasm

Scary when a slow wit tries his hand at sarcasm. I understand the dig at ICANN, but it could have been done better. This is as funny as portraying Brits as wife beating drunks.


Martini, my assumption was that was the portrayal of Scots. Where in reality, in my experience, it is mostly wifes beating drunks.


Isn't that why the rolling pin was invented?
Note: that 'sign' is all wrong of course, it doesn't show the prime use of the rolling pin at all ;)

In Scotland....

my mother used a bottle for a rolling pin - that is the rolling pin use for the rolling pin. Of course we are poor.

However the Scottish have a lot to be proud of - but certainly not this!

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