Social Media Influencer Outreach Gone Wrong: @UPS


Someone probably told @UPS social media department about how influencer outreach is a truly awesome branding tool. And they got it all wrong spamming a bunch of powerful social media accounts with identical tweets:

UPS spam

@thomcraver engaged in the conversation with them (So far no response! #UPSfail2):

Did you really just call out my twitter handle as an "expert" with your unsolicited spam to promote your content?

If you'd like to engage me as an expert, that's great. Have a conversation with me. Don't tweet names on a list just to promote content

 When huge brands do something like this, it leaves me speechless...



do you own that page, that they want to spam it all they want?


This is some crazy news, haha. How can someone spam like that? And to the above commentator, no he doesn't own that page. There are other ways of promotions such as cross promoting on facebook

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