Matt Cutts extending his leave until 2015


Matt Cutts is extending his away time into 2015 and he is not not sure if he's gonna come back... here is the quote:

"I loved the part of my job that dealt with keeping an eye on what important news was happening related to Google, but, it’s not clear that having me as a lightning rod for unhappy black hat SEOs, or something, is the best use of anybody’s time compared to working on other things making the world better for Google…so we’ll see."

Honestly, its not a easy gig....and btw...I didn't know that google offered vacation time like that?!

More details here:


Matt Cutts Leaving

I know a lot of people in our profession don't like the guy, but honestly I don't think he is a bad person. I think he wouldn't be leaving if he were a "bad" person.


I watched the interview and it looked exactly like an episode of "Lie to Me." His face literally dropped when Leo started talking about whether Google had too much power, and whether it was really an evil company. Matt Cutts tried to throw out the company lines, but you could tell he was chocking on them. It looked like he was about to fall apart at the end.


There's a thing called "Cognitive Dissonance." It occurs when you do something awful either by mistake, intentionally, or "just following orders." What happens is there's a side of you that you don't know even exists until you do this thing. Like for example a guy murders a girl when he's 22 and then he confesses to the crime at 50. Everyone wonders, "why did he confess? He was home free." The guy tells the judge he just wants to die. That's cognitive dissonance. It's like permanent torture. You can't look yourself in the mirror any longer because you're not the person you thought you were. That's the expression on Matt Cutt's face when Leo started talking about, " is Google evil?" I have no doubt, that Matt has got to get away...far away, or he is going to swallow his Kentuckey Sharpes rifle.


So, I feel bad about it. Because I really think he tried to defend good policies as best he could, but it was do evil or lose your job dude. I mean, what company on the face of the planet would have the balls to take away the keywords originating from the apache server (A W3C Right!) that allowed a manufacturer to know what goods and services it needed to stock its shelves with. All to make that Manufacturer buy keywords. To paraphrase Eric Schmidt, "We don't think you should get business through Google (ie The Internet!) without us getting a cut of the action."


If only Firefox or IE would grow some, and make their next Browser upgrade a total modification into a Browser/Analytics package. Then Google would be finally put in its place. Keywords and the track through a site would be captured at the browser level and Google would be OTL. Whichever Browser does it first wins the browser race!





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