Microsoft releases Adobe rival in Beta

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MS reveals Adobe rival
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Microsoft has released a test version of a new professional graphics tool code-named Acrylic.

The software is based on Expression, the graphics application Microsoft acquired with its 2003 purchase of Hong Kong company Creature House, the software giant said on its Web site.

Acrylic appears to support opening and exporting to Photoshop and Illustrator file formats, as well as other standard graphics formats. In addition, the application appears to be able to export to Adobe's Portable Document Format, or PDF.

However, Microsoft noted Acrylic would not currently save pixel-type data to formats other than its native XPR file type.


What about Paint.NET? From

What about Paint.NET?

From what i've heard, that's an awesome graphics tool...


"This preview just shows me an unpolished, poorly laid out graphics editor that acts more like a glorified (Microsoft) Paint, rather than any type of competition to Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro," wrote one user.

< snarky >
Wow. All that quality, and it only saves pixel-data images in its own proprietary file format? Be still my beating heart... when will it be available for OSX? I'm on the edge of my mousepad with anticipation.
< /snarky >

What happened to Image Composer?

MS had a great graphics program in Image Composer which made it all the way to version 1.5 before it was abandoned in an effort to make a Photoshop clone. They really dropped the ball on that one. I'll stick with my Image Composer, thanks.

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