2015: The year for...staying the course?


It's November, which means the 2015 SEO prediction blogs are starting to crop up. While in previous years it was all too common to see Google conspiracy theories, so far this year's batch has yielded a lot of pats on the back and reassurance.

Heba Hosny's article on Search Engine People outlines some of her marketing recommendations. Here are some highlights:

  • documenting the strategy beforehand
  • video marketing
  • mobile marketing
  • microtargeting
  • examining past successes on social media: what got likes and shares, and replicate this type of content
  • establishing user trust with a corporate phone number, contact e-mail and physical address
  • overwhelming users with big, generous articles - one successful article is better than five unsuccessful ones
  • adding sharing options to pages to maximise ease of engagement
  • and of course...earning trusted links

This sounds familiar, and it should. They are strategies you should be using already. Does this mean SEO will not change in the next 12 months? No. But also yes.

Nate Dame's article on Search Engine Land states "Google's destination hasn't changed." They are trying to provide the most relevant solutions for users.

All the filters and penalties have changed the game, but they have not changed the purpose. Parker Bros' Monopoly now offers electronic banking - but you're still just trying to get all the money and real estate. #analogy

As the game changes, so does the strategy. However, with a consistent goal, that strategy is more intuitive than most make it out to be. In a nutshell: provide the best experience for the user. Thus, your strategy will be gradually, but consistently shapeshifting, but its purpose remains uniform. So do not stress the coming year, just remain on top of the latest methods for effectively getting your message to the user.