ReadWrite, Fashionista and Remodelista up for sale?

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digiday yesterday posted about Say Media looking to sell it's news sites.

“The conclusion we’ve come to, and one lots of media companies wrestle with is, do you build brands or do you build platforms?” Sanchez said. “Those two are just completely different world views. It’s hard to create clarity for an organization.”

It almost reminds me of the story of with it's platform so futuristic no dial up at the time could use it. It seems Say are going down the platform route and looking to release its CMS to the public.

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Definitely two world views and two business models

Managing propperties and a platform like that are two business model imo...i think that it is very astute of say media to give something up...many companies expand beyond their ability to manage, keeping unprofitable entities that have out lasted their welcom  and I always look at it as a healthy sign when companies make trade offs like say media!

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