ROI - Paid vs Unpaid Traffic

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Organic vs Paid Traffic ROI?
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if someone clicks a google link for a given keyphrase, overall would you consider the conversion on PPC to be equal to Organic?

Paul_H provides some useful first hand observations in this thread:

One great thing about PPC ads is you can turn them on and off, and experiment. At first I thought by having an ad show for a word we are number for was just throwing money away, so i turned the ads off, profits dropped, turn them back on profits increase, repeated just to make sure.

Results could suggest a few things,
1. Our ad text appeals more to some people more than the description/title in the serps – can’t please everyone.
2. Some people will click on the ads first, so its either us or a competitor.

No major difference in conversions, if anything the PPC converts better as i make sure the ad is very relevant.

Good stuff from cre8..